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Designers Portrait_Alaa_Rabih_2250x3000

Alaa and Rabih

Our passion for Arabic calligraphy designs is understood looking at our heritage and culture. 

We are two Gen-Z designers who come from Lebanon, the Phoenix land.

We are forward-thinking and with historical roots​. 

Our designs are born from our desire to accentuate the beauty of Arabic calligraphy fused with modern art.


Our goal is to create designs that energetically express and powerfully impress!

Poem verse written in Arabic calligraphy art

The Magnificence of Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is more than a script, it is a form of art!

The Arabic 28 letters work picturesquely through themselves and create astounding different forms and shapes of writing. 
Add Arabic calligraphy to any design, and the design standouts like none.

Our Design Manifesto

We believe in the beauty and magnificence of Arabic calligraphy

We design stunning things


We take pride in our designs


We want to add beauty to life

We want you to be unique and enjoy using our products in every way you want

Harf.Lawn Design Manifesto in Arabic calligraphy
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