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Tattoo Art

A tattoo is more than just ink on the surface; it's a statement, a symbol of your unique identity. Discover our tattoo design collection or let our calligrapher craft bespoke designs that truly reflect your individuality.


Tattoo Art Collection

The Art of Calligraphy and Tattoos

A new distinctive dimension is added to a tattoo when designed with Arabic calligraphy. 

The design combines the rich heritage of the ancient Arabic calligraphy script with the touch of self-expression, resulting in an indelible mark that tells one's story in a visually captivating and culturally significant way.


Experience the allure of Arabic calligraphy and let your tattoo be a testament to the beauty of both language and art.


We Design
Your Tattoo

Each stroke is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of your chosen phrase, word, or symbol, making it a mesmerizing work of art that speaks volumes about your personality and beliefs. Whether you're seeking a powerful affirmation, a cherished name, or a secret mantra, our custom tattoo designs in Arabic calligraphy will ensure that your design is elegant and mystique.


Order Your
Custom Made Tattoo Design

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Step 1:
Contact us via email or WhatsApp or social media channels and let us know what you want your tattoo to look like. Describe the style, size, location, colors, and any special wishes.

Step 2:

We will get back to you with an estimate cost and payment link (PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, or Western Union)


After two working days …

Step 3:
We will share with you design options with mockups and discuss with you any required adjustments to reach your 100% satisfaction

Step 4:

Once you are totally happy with the design, we will share the design file with you.

If you don't like our proposals, then 100% Money Back Guarantee (no fees, no delays)

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